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In introducing our catalogue for 1923 we would, with your indulgence, point out some of the exclusive features of the Douglas motorcycle.


The Douglas engine today is one of the most familiar power units on the road. The fundamental principles of its design have been imitated more copiously than any other motorcycle engine. It took the motorcycle industry a Iong while to recognise the advantages of the horizontally opposed twin engine. For many years, the Douglas went its solitary way until progress was so great and the machine so popular, manufacturers forsook the path of convention and followed the Douglas lead. The horizontally opposed engine has many advantages; in the first place, the perfect balance eliminates vibration; in the second place the power impulses are more even, which produces that, sweetness of running so inseparable from the Douglas, and which could not be obtained even with addition of two extra cylinders. The reliability and efficiency it this wonderful power unit was demonstrated during the war, for no fewer than 25,0000 Douglas motorcycles were supplied for use with the allied armies in all corners of the world.


Since the War, the Douglas has by achievement hammered home the story of its high efficiency. During 1922, its successes were unprecedented in the history of motorcycling. The most successes were scored on Brooklands Track. Part of the Douglas propaganda last year consisted of high speed work at Brooklands, to show by public performance that the Douglas engine is more able to withstand the stresses of abnormal work than any other power unit. We feel that in the Douglas we had the most efficient engine yet devised, and we set ourselves out to show the world what the Douglas could do. The historic records accomplished during the season, amply support the claim that the Douglas cannot be equalled for high speed efficiency, while the monotonous regularity with which success have been scored in open hill climbs and reliability trials, show that this high speed is happily combined with the necessary tractability for every day touring or riding.


On March 23 rd, the most amazing record ever accomplished amazed motorcyclists the world over. Cyril Pullin on a 3 hp Douglas did that, which exponents of the 500 cc motorcycle had been trying to do for years; he established a record at over 100 m.p.h. Since then, scores of records have fallen to Douglas, and successes have been just as consistently obtained in trials and races on the road, both at home and abroad. Obviously we cannot refer to all the splendid achievements of the Douglas during the year, but there are some which stand our. On May 6th, at Brooklands, J. L. Emerson won the Senior Tourist Trophy track race, and incidentally broke a couple of World’s records. In June, while Cyril Pullin reared a crop of World’s records on track, other Douglas champions won the virtual championships, or other events o f prime importance in Austria, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and South Africa.


Records and races galore fell to the Douglas during the next two months and then, on September 1st, during most vile weather, Cyril Pullin put up a 24 hours' record on a 2 ¾ h.p. Douglas and sidecar, during which he beat most of the figures for intermediate distances. That 24 hours proved the ability of the Douglas to withstand the most trying conditions. Rain fell in torrents and caused water splashes on the track. The wind howled tempestuously - water, conducting the electricity, absolutely frothed at the plugs, and the riders had to keep changing their clothes as a result of being soaked to the skin. But through it all the 2 ¾ h.p. Douglas and sidecar ploughed uncomplainingly.


Indeed, it is difficult to keep pace with the record breaking accomplishments of Douglas riders, for even as we prepare this foreword to the catalogue comes news of more - World's Bests - from Brooklands.


With pride in our achievements, the greatest of which is the production of reliable and such efficient machines for the ever growing community of riders, we offer a more comprehensive range of models for 1923 than ever previously; a sturdy little all chain drive 2¾ h.p. three speed machine, and an all chain drive edition of the 4 h.p. model. The huge demand and many thousands of satisfied riders encouraged us to retain the production of our 1922 models with the famous Douglas vibrationless twin cylinder engine incorporated in every item of our programme.


The world famed 2¾ h.p. lightweights have received detailed attention and several refinements, and the 3½ h.p. Sports Model, which has amazed the public with its combination of speed and tractability, is now universally proclaimed to be without an equal as a standard machine - suffice it to say that it, is able to claim the coveted honour of being the first motorcycle in the world to attain the speed of 100 m.p.h. in the 3½ h.p and 6 h.p. classes.


The new 6 h.p. super sidecar combination has had many improvements incorporated, and now surpasses everything as the outfit superb of the road, with the economical 4 h.p. combinations, offered both as belt and all chain driven models, voted as one of the most popular among all comers.


In conclusion, we would like to point out that owing to the modernised Douglas factory, we are able to market models with the twin cylinder Douglas engine at a price even less than that of the average single cylinder machine, without sacrificing the quality in the least.



Summary of Models



To those already well known mounts there has been added a further model in the shape of an all chain drive. For the rider who needs a mount possessing of a great degree of comfort, is easy of control and has a good turn of speed, he cannot do better than choose a 2 ¾ hp as this mount is without equal for economy and sheer reliability.


Such increasing demand for this, the most popular all round machine on the road today, has encouraged us to manufacture an alternate model incorporating an all chain, perfectly shock absorbed drive, and equipped with the new Douglas sidecar and chassis it forms a most attractive combination for consistent running, power and speed.


Without doubt, this is one of the most remarkable machines of the age. It has put up during the last season unbelievable performances and astonishing speeds yet combines flexibility with general ease of control. It has the honour of being the first 3 ½ hp machine in the world to reach the speed of 100 mph and over. It holds the "Blue Ribband" of all records, and during 1922 has added more honours to its ever growing list than any other type of machine. It is economical, possess tremendous acceleration and is the last word in fast solos.


There have been so many enquiries for a 6 hp solo model during the last season that we have decided to market the 6 hp in solo form for the coming season. It is a mount possessed of abnormal powers, but like the Sports Model is easily controlled. As a complete outfit, it is in class of its own, incorporating every modern point of design with exceptionally elegant and pleasing lines.